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Contract Value: £69,506

A4130 Manor Railway Bridge, Didcot

The works were to replace the bridge deck waterproofing and bridge expansion joints under the carriageway and part way into the verges.  This road bridge lies on the A4130, a major thoroughfare into Didcot, traversing the main Oxford to Paddington railway line.

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Work undertaken

The bridge deck waterproofing and bridge expansion joints under the carriageway and part way into the verges were replaced. To facilitate this, the kerbs across the bridge were re-laid and the carriageway re-surfaced.

A Milling machine with conveyor belt loaded directly into a wagon. This was positioned away from the bridge parapets to ensure that any debris coming off the conveyor was not directed near the parapets and potentially fall onto the railway below.  As an extra precaution the Heras fencing running along both parapets had debris netting attached.

It was anticipated that the existing waterproofing would be removed by scraping it off with the bucket of a 360º excavator with a level edged plate welded onto the bucket.

Any residual material that could not be removed by this method was removed by grit blasting.  Prior to grit blasting the area was fully enclosed with 2.0M high Heras fencing with debris netting fix to the fencing.  Timbers were positioned spanning between the top of the Heras fence panels and netting fixed to this to ‘cocoon’ the area.

Existing deck expansion joints were broken out using a compressor and jack hammers.  Works were continuously monitored to ensure that no materials fell through the expansion joint onto the bearing shelf.

Deck waterproofing, installation of the new expansion joints and surfacing were undertaken by a specialist sub-contractors with a Fergal Site Foreman in permanent attendance.

Contract Value: £67,483

Refurbishment of City Centre Foot Bridge

The works will comprise of removal and replacement of existing drainage channels, re-water proofing to the original decks, repairs to existing granite cladding, removal of the old lighting units, remedial work to the existing expansion/ movement joints, renewal of wearing courses to the footbridges.

Contract Value: £2.5 Million

Pye Bridge, Kidlington

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Construction of 4000m² spine road, foul and storm-water drainage including microbore beneath British Rail’s main Oxford to Birmingham line. 14,000m³ landscape bund, skewed 33m clear span road bridge over the Oxford Canal.

65T edge beams, reinforced earth abutments, brickwork cladding to the whole structure.


Contract Value: £

Frenchay Bridge, Berkeley Homes

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Two road bridges were constructed over the Oxford Canal, one being a single 20m span structure, brick clad, the larger project being built on a skew and to a horizontal and vertical radius, again, this was brick clad.

Contract Value: £19,715

Joscas Preparatory School with MJA Consulting

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Construction of 6 No foundations for steel footbridge at Joscas School to span the A415 and link the school to the playing fields.

Contract Value: £76,000

Aeration Scheme, Worcester College

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Manufacture and installation of timber pedestrian footbridge on piled abutments over a backwater stream leading to a lake in the grounds of Worcester College together with feature dam and aeration system to backwater. Installation of new river banks.

Contract Value: £39,560

Swinford Toll Bridge

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Road reconstruction to privately owned, listed toll bridge over the River Thames.
Further phase awarded comprising of surfacing works and refurbishment of Toll Booth via Gifford and Partners.

Contract Value: £168,749

Henley Bridge, Oxfordshire

Considerate Constructors Registered

The work involved stonework repairs to Henley Bridge, a Grade I listed structure five span arch bridge over the River Thames.

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Contract Value: £92,657

A404 Queen Victoria Bridge, High Wycombe

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Replacement of the steel edge beams with reinforced concrete plinths. This required the reconstruction of the brickwork pilasters. The cast iron fascia plates were reconditioned and reused as a facing to the plinths.

The cast iron parapets were reconditioned and modified to allow fixing to the top of the new plinths. The part of the bridge supporting the western verge was strengthened with new steel beams and concrete infill placed under the existing bridge soffit.

Contract Value: £174,376

Bodicote Turn Flyover

Works include replacement of both parapets on a single 21.5m span simply supported road bridge.  Existing parapet plinth to be increased in width. Waterproofing and expansion joints to be replaced.  Repairs to strike damage on soffits.  Parapet replacement scheme

Contract Value: £348,124

Barns Road Bridge, Oxford

Strengthening and waterproofing scheme to main road bridge.

Contract Value: £93,039

Hildesheim Viaduct, Weston Super Mare

Hildesheim Bridges (North and South) comprise twinned five span post-tensioned, glued segmental box structures that carry the A370 over the Weston-Super-Mare Railway Loop. The bridges have an overall span of 155.1m and carry a dual carriageway with an overall width of 23.1m and a permanent speed restriction of 30mph.

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The eastern expansion joint, a Waboflex SR6.5A Reinforced Elastomeric (HA Type 5) required replacement with a suitable expansion joint of similar performance level either HA Type 5 or 6 installed with a secondary membrane.

Works included the implementation of a full road closure of the A370 Hildesheim Bridge and the setting up of an  alternative route  and the removal of the existing Waboflex Expansion Joint in sections and replacement with new.  The works were undertaken at night time between 21:00 hours and 06:00 hours.

Contract Value: £342,283

Marsh Lane Flyover, Oxford

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The bridge spanning the Oxford Ring Road, A40 Dual Carriageway, is the primary route to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Traffic flows were maintained over and under the bridge whilst the edge beams and parapets were replaced, bridge deck waterproofed, and footways and carriageways reconstructed.

Contract Value: £131,635

Cookham Bridge

A project involving the replacement of timber fenders which protect pairs of cast iron columns at the main navigation channels of the Cookham Bridge over the Thames.

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Works involved the removal of decayed timber piles which were cut off below water level and their replacement with new timber piles.  This element of the work was undertaken by a four man dive team.  During the works a partial river closure was in force.

Contract Value: £147,396

Ford Bridge Reconstruction

The works comprised complete reconstruction of the existing reinforced concrete bridge deck with in-situ reinforced concrete. The existing bridge is approximately 90m long by 2.7m wide and consists of an in-situ reinforced concrete slab deck supported on concrete abutments. These works included waterproofing, kerbs, surfacing, metal bridge parapets/pedestrian railings. During the reconstruction works, a complete road closure with an approved diversion route was provided with traffic management to Chapter 8, minimum. Pedestrian movements also required management.

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The bridge is built over the River Misbourne and carries the MC14 High Street at its’ upstream end.

Further downstream, the bridge passes under a shopping parade/car park and service road.

Contract Value: £113,855

Carterton Foot Bridge, Refurbishments

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The scheme involves re-painting existing steel footbridge and applying waterproof slip resistant surfacing to the deck.

The main items of work were:-

  • Set up road closure and traffic diversion route - Set up temporary pedestrian crossing
  • Erection of temporary protective working scaffolding with shrink wrap cladding
  • Grit blasting metalwork to remove existing paint system - Apply 3 coat paint protective system
  • Apply resin based anti-slip waterproof system to deck - Replace all bolts to bolted joint
  • Minor welding works to cleats

The bridge was totally encased for the duration of the grit-blasting and painting stage of the works.

Contract Value: £389,929

Stonework Repairs to Shillingford Bridge

Considerate Constructors RegisteredThe project required stonework repairs to this Grade II Listed structure over the River Thames.  The works were concerned with the three river spans and involved the restoration of all three river arches, the balustrades above these spans and the south west wing wall.

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Contract Value: £52,929

Flash Lane Aqueduct Maintenance & Repairs

Considerate Constructors RegisteredWorks on this listed ancient monument comprised the repair and cleaning of the masonry on the bridge, cleaning and protective painting of the aqueduct, repair of the handrail and control of water penetration through the abutments.

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Contract Value: £229,705

Lulle Brook Bridge Strenghtening

Engineering Excellence Awards 2006

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The work comprised the demolition of the existing 36m long, 6m span bridge deck and replacement with a lightweight steel deck.

Refurbishment of the existing substructure above and below the waterline.

Other parts of the works included installation of new parapets, application of a paint protection system.

Expansion joints and bearing installation.

Contract Value: £289,665

Willen Lake Bridge Strengthening

The Project involved structural strengthening comprising CFRP reinforcement to the east and west piers of the Willen Lake Floodplain bridge. Works included strengthening of the verge slab and associated tie beams, replacement of the existing parapets, strengthening of the concrete upstand beams and replacement of the existing movement joints. General concrete repairs were undertaken with cementitious mortar and cathodic protection to the east and west piers.

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