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Ground Works

Fergal have extensive experience, going back over some 40 years, of groundworks undertaken for numerous different projects. Repeated business has been won from a number of major corporate construction companies and construction design companies. We have assembled a team of highly skilled operatives with all the relevant experience and certifications using a sizeable fleet of Civil Engineering Plant including Dumpers, Excavators, Compressors and Vibrating Rollers amongst others.

Contract Value: £113,981

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Groundworks in the Prayer Courtyard.

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Contract Value: £882,000

22 Luxury Flats, Marston Ferry Road, Oxford

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The construction of foundations, underground car parking, basement structure and upper ground floor slab, plus associated below ground drainage and service ducts.

Superstructure works were carried out by our Building Division and included steel frame, metal decking with concrete composite floors, staircases and brickwork/blockwork and roof works in three storeys.

Contract Value: £18,512

West Witney Primary School

Retaining wall and associated drainage and surface water drainage remedials in the Foundation Year external play area.

Contract Value: £249,197 & £313,875

Renault Dealership, Kidlington and Guildford

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Works comprised of groundworks in association with construction of new car dealership premises including associated roads, paving etc.


Groundworks package to car dealership forecourt included drainage and re-surfacing etc.

Contract Value: £425,000

Kingsmeadow Roundabout, Cirencester

The re-construction of a roundabout with associated works for the new site development at Kingshill Road, Cirencester.

Contract Value: £169,566

Hyde Farm Barn Car Park Facilities

Formation of car parking.

Contract Value: £1,115,000

Dewars Farm Quarry – B430 Ardley

Works consisted of:

Replacing existing field access with a new full standard right turn ghost island junction, including carriageway widening in order to accommodate the right turn lane.

The construction of an access road, car park, site compound, pre-fabricated buildings (Portakabins) and associated drainage and services Infrastructure to serve the site.

Contract Value: £897,468

Manor Farm, Litchborough

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SCOPE: The initial elements of the scheme comprised the construction of an estate road to serve a new housing development of 15 houses. The road was constructed up to and including bituminous binder course with temporary kerb and service ducts. Our works also included the construction of foul water drainage, a pumping station and associated valve chambers and rising main.
The main elements of works in this phase included:

  • Top soil strip and reduce level excavation to formation.
  • Construct granular capping layer on geotextile membrane.
  • Construct temporary kerbs on concrete bed and backing.
  • Construct granular sub -base.
  • Construct bituminous road base and binder courses.
  • Lay service ducts under road.
  • Construct foul water drainage.

The project went on to include elements of the housing substructure with works comprising:

  • Excavations for, and construction of footings
  • Construction of Block & Beam flooring
  • Drainage works
  • Installation of services
  • Construction of footpaths & patios
Contract Value: £607,814

127 Milton Park, Abingdon

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Foundation and drainage works including:

  • Construction of reinforced ground beams
  • Reduce level excavation
  • Installation of drainage
  • Construction of a site access road to create 3 separate 2 storey buildings, each split into separate tenancies about their staircase entrance.


Contract Value: £165,735

Breedon, Nr Tewkesbury

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Groundworks for the construction of a development of 28 Houses. Our works included the following:

  • Lay service ducts under road.
  • Construct foul water drainage between pumping station and demarcation manholes behind proposed footpaths.
  • Construct foul sewer rising main between pumping station and existing manhole in existing road.
  • Construct new foul sewer pumping station with P.C.C chamber rings and R.C cover slab.
  • Construct reinforced concrete valve chamber and flow meter chamber and concrete plinth for kiosk.
  • Build in pipework to pump station and valve chambers after installation by specialist sub-contractor (Pims Pumps Ltd).