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Hard and Soft Landscaping

Fergal Contracting have extensive experience of ‘Land Enhancing’ projects covering an array of both Hard and Soft Landscaping schemes.

Recent works have been undertaken for a number of Local Authorities including Bedford Borough Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council, London Borough of Lewisham and Oxford City Council amongst others.

Previous works have included numerous environmental regeneration schemes around rivers and lakes, inner city landscaping projects and footpath/paving contracts.

Contract Value: £800,000 +

University of Worcester

Scope: Following Phase 1 of the City Campus project, which involved the construction of two blocks of student accommodation, a Landscape Architect was commissioned to create a landscape artwork that would provide an attractive amenity space incorporating an unusual approach to hard and soft landscaping.

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The vacant ‘brownfield’ site contained a large amount of hardcore and waste material, levels were not uniform and there were large mounds of demolition material and soil containing deleterious content. For reasons of sustainability our efforts focussed on reusing as much as possible of the material on site in the construction of new levels on site.

Areas of hard surface such as concrete, bitmac and other material was broken up to create permeable ground conditions at depth to allow for the future planting of deep rooted trees and shrubs. Areas of dense undergrowth and vegetation around the perimeter of the site were grubbed up and removed from site.

Once this element of the work was completed the whole site was re-graded and earth movement carried out to produce different ‘stepped’ levels as the base for the future landscape works. All areas were left with an open granular condition to receive sub-soil and top soil material.


Scope: The initial element of the works involved the removal from site of 674m³ of contaminated soil and its subsequent replacement with imported material. Excavations were undertaken to a depth of up to 4.0m over an area of 337m.

Two arches of the previously bricked-up railway viaduct have been opened up to allow pedestrian access through to other areas of the university.

The other main elements of the works consist of the Hard landscaping works including:-

  • The construction of gabion revetments
  • Excavation for paved areas
  • Compaction of sub-base to design levels
  • Slab and block paving works
  • Hoggin footpaths
  • Construction of a Car Parking area
  • Installation of French drains
  • Lighting
  • Ducting for services
  • Fencing / railings
Contract Value: £268,641

Underhill Circus, Barton

Oxford Preservation AwardsThe result of a partnership between Oxford City Council, Barton Community Association and the local community, this Project aimed to transform the area in front of the shops at Underhill Circus into a modern public space, incorporating a number of art projects and landscaping in the form of a stepped amphitheatre. The initiative has been successful in involving the community, resulting in a significant improvement to the public realm.

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Our works comprised of general site preparation. Construction of new Footways and specialist paving systems. Installation of ducting pipes to electricity supply and cabling to proposed lamp columns and LED’s. Supply and installation of new street furniture.
The block paving work was undertaken by our own workforce. Surfacing works were sub-contracted to Lambourn Surfacing. Resin bound surfacing incorporating the use of recycled ceramic blue glass was carried out by SureSet a nominated sub-contractor. Street furniture was supplied by Streetscene Ltd who had been nominated by the client.
The area of works covered 548 m2
This project won an Environmental Award for 2008 through the Oxford Preservation Trust.

Contract Value: £1,800,000

Kingsbury Square Refurbishment, Aylesbury

Located in Aylesbury’s Conservation Area, this landmark regeneration scheme was developed around a spectacular water clock mechanism.

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Refurbishment of this prestigious shopping precinct, which now has a distinct café culture, consisted of re-construction of carriageways and footways, intricate paving systems, drainage, kerbing, water features, street furniture, road signs, road marking and landscaping.

Yorkstone, Caithness and Carlow Blue Limestone Setts were laid in stretcher bond. A number of the Yorkstone paving slabs were engraved as part of the fountain design. A grid of holes were drilled through some of the setts to receive Micropaver LED units.

The total area of works covered 4,300 m2.

Contract Value: £424,000

Ladywell Fields - London Borough of Lewisham

This prestigious scheme was a “QUERCUS” Project which was an EU LIFE Environment funded ‘Demonstration’ Project that aimed to re-integrate neglected and under used river corridors into contemporary urban environments.

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The Contract included excavation of a secondary river channel, creation of earth mounds, installation of 3 new pedestrian footbridges, creation of new tarmac footpaths, installation of street furniture and soft landscape planting.