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Fergal have experience of a number of different Piling works often undertaken on sites posing severe problems that seriously test our skills and ingenuity.

Contract Value: £49,560

Bank Protection, Cobham Mill

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Installation of sheet piling along section of riverbank in Cobham, adjacent to grade Il listen building, construction of hardwood timber capping to sheet piling and construction of rock filled gabion bank above the sheet piling to a height of 1.5m.

Cobham Mill is a well-known landmark on the A245 road from Cobham to Stoke d'Abernon which before 1951 was a pair of mills with waterwheels between. The older mill was demolished to enable the road to be straightened. The remaining building dates from 1822 and was in use grinding corn until the 1920s. The Cobham Mill Preservation Trust was set up in 1985 to restore the mill to full working order. It was opened to the public in 1993 and is a listed grade II building.

Contract Value: £159,448

Longhome Lake Bank Works

The construction of four fishing jetties and one viewing platform, the dredging of the lake bed, construction of a coir and faggot wall, planting around the lake perimeter and planting trees and construction of footways.

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Contract Value: £250,599

Riverbank Works at Queens Walk, Bedford

Removal of existing concrete slabs along river edge, and adjacent footway.

Installation of steel piling along bank edge, filling void behind new piling, provision of new concrete piling cap and the construction of a ‘Fibredec’  Footway. Dredging of river area in front of piles and associated riverbank repairs.

Contract Value: £358,039

Cumnor Hill Road Structural Maintenance Scheme

To stabilise an 80 LM embankment undermined by Badger Setts by structural piling (to below 4m) after badger’s had been excluded from the embankment 15m long 5 x 18 piles with R.C capping beam, traffic management footpath and road reconstruction.

Contract Value: £374,461

Tyle Mill Main Weir Refurbishment

The construction of a new concrete apron slab with integral walls, concrete walls upstream of existing weir.

The rebuilding of projecting ornate abutments.

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Sheet piling with cladding to the right bank protection upstream of the apron, sheet piling and rip rap bank protection to the left bank downstream of the weir and minor local repairs.