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River and Lake Works

Contract Value: £159,448

Longhome Lake Bank Works

The construction of four fishing jetties and one viewing platform, the dredging of the lake bed, construction of a coir and faggot wall, planting around the lake perimeter and planting trees and construction of footways.

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Contract Value: £124,500

Tadpole Bridge Major Refurbishments, Oxfordshire

Considerate Constructors RegisteredFilling of a large scour hole immediately downstream of the bridge and carrying out riverbank repairs to the North East riverbank.

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Works included:

  • Diversion of Thames Towpath
  • Construction of hardstandings/Site access and Site compound.
  • Vegetation clearance/tree felling along North riverbank.
  • River bed sonar survey.
  • Granular fill to river bed scour hole.
  • Installation of bag mattress and fill with a sand/cement grout to form the new riverbed using divers.
  • Placing rock armour to the river bank
  • Placing fill material and topsoil to the top of the North bank and reinforcing it with a geotextile containing seeded topsoil.
Contract Value: £374,461

Tyle Mill Main Weir Refurbishment

The construction of a new concrete apron slab with integral walls, concrete walls upstream of existing weir.

The rebuilding of projecting ornate abutments.

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Sheet piling with cladding to the right bank protection upstream of the apron, sheet piling and rip rap bank protection to the left bank downstream of the weir and minor local repairs.

Contract Value: £424,000

Ladywell Fields - London Borough of Lewisham

This prestigious scheme was a “QUERCUS” Project which was an EU LIFE Environment funded ‘Demonstration’ Project that aimed to re-integrate neglected and under used river corridors into contemporary urban environments.

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The Contract included excavation of a secondary river channel, creation of earth mounds, installation of 3 new pedestrian footbridges, creation of new tarmac footpaths, installation of street furniture and soft landscape planting.